Article of Interest…

This article about Vivienne Westwood from 2002 highlights exactly the kind of creative inspiration I wish we saw more of:

“Last week the godmother of sedition struck again when she unveiled the final-year collections by her students at the Berlin University of Art fashion department. The designs were modeled by inmates of an old people’s home. ‘Life becomes richer as you grow old,’ she declared. ‘I like the aging process and have no problem with it.'”

  • I really LOVE your blog and this post about Vivianne reminded me of another Fashionista who has unapologetically alllowed age to keep up with her spirit…Betsey Johnson!

    Robyn Hawk

  • I love Vivienne Westwood. Pretty much the only designer I like.
    Keep posting those wonderful photo’s of elderly stylish folks, they are so cool!

  • do you know where I could see photos of that fashion show?

  • The designs were modeled by inmates of an old people's home.