Classy Guy

This guy looks very classy in his smart jacket and beige pants. He definitely has an eye for style proven by his blue shirt and matching pocket square.
  • LOVE THIS BLOG. i borrowed a picture to post about it. also linked you.

    makes me smile.

  • Smart looking shoes also.

    Bear((( )))

  • These are reasons why I miss NY! I always made a point of stopping well-dressed older folks on the street to compliment them. And why not?

  • Your blog is wonderful! I found it from a friend’s blog and perused it so hard this morning I was nearly late to work. It made me think about style in a different way, and wouldn’t you know it, it seemed as if all my subsequent customers of the day were older, stylish and interesting! Just my luck.

    Thank you for bringing this stylishness to the forefront. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought, “Holy crap, I’d totally wear that!” when seeing an older person walk by. What inspiration!

  • I always see super-stylish older people in NYC and I am glad they are getting the fashion recognition they deserve! Nice pocket square!

  • E

    Thank you.
    Your blog makes my heart sing.

  • I just discovered your blog. What a great idea! Would you be interested in exchanging links? thanks

  • I love it when men take the time to select and wear a pocket square. It’s just a little bit of panache you don’t see every day.