Mysterious Picture

I saw this photo a while back and couldn’t wait to post it. Often times when people send in comments I will go and check out the blogs they have been writing for. This particular picture comes from a blog called laurejune. The only thing is that she hasn’t begun to blog yet. She writes, “

SupercalifragilistiqueParis, France… I wasn’t born with internet but it’s fabulous ! Though It would be nice to have stories to tell here, have an audience at last (I’ve been trying to sing but), I’m not ready for blogging yet. Meanwhile, I’ll share my favorite blogs with you. Et un jour je me lancerai sur la toile comme dans ma folle jeunesse, je ferai de ma vie un roman!!!

Hopefully posting this wonderful picture will inspire Laurejune to share her stories. What is great about blogs is that you can blog about anything, even about how you want to start blogging.
  • Marvelous picture, particularly as an addition to your gallery. Impressed by the range here from high style to quirky.

    “She must be having fun,” snapshotting spouse commented as I scrolled through October. Yes.

    You have given me an idea for World AIDS Day with Condom Amulets. Will let you know. Thanks, naomi

  • I love your blog! Such stylish folks and you know what, I bet you made their day when asking to photograph them. Keep up the great work (and photos)! -Cheryl

  • TomF.

    That photo is from a recent issue of Smithsonian magazine, in an article devoted to photo booths.

  • Your blog is really different. We always associate beauty and style with youth but you have shown and proved that even aging can be beautiful with its serene touch.

  • Anonymous

    This photo is Näkki Goranin’s. Näkki is from Burlington, VT, where they just published her book, “American Photobooth”. The photo itself is anonymous.