New York Stockings

When I saw Ellen walking through Union Square, I was enchanted by her adorable stockings. She explained that she just saw them in a shop, liked them, and started wearing them! I was even more impressed when she told me that in the town she’s from in the Netherlands, she could never dress this way because the style is more conservative. The folks in her town should take a cue from her whimsical, inspired approach to style.

  • Anonymous

    I’m from the netherlands, but were not that conservative over here , at least ,not as far as I’ve noticed. There are some religious places but most cities are not at all.
    She looks great btw=d

  • Hello there,

    I’m from Holland also, but I must say: those stockings are quit Hip! Almost everyone is wearing them!
    Real cool in combination with a skirt and boots 😉

    Stefanie, Muiden, nearby Amsterdam

  • Sarah from den Haag (the Hague)

    Maybe some of the older folks are a little more conservative, but let’s just say that Holland is not the place I would recommend for people who like boring clothes.

  • Anonymous

    I am not from Holland..but it reminds me of Pipi-Longstockings 🙂

  • Great style…love the jacket and boots especially.