Advanced Artist: Louise Bourgeois

[photo from Telegraph]

[photo from News Grist]

[photo from artzar]

[photo from Hint]

96 year old Louise Bourgeois is an artist whose works and style are magical and spellbinding. Her art reflects a personal expression that she says is inappropriate to her small size. Click Here for a short video about this outstanding artist.

  • I love this artist and her spiders !

  • 96???? oh, i cannot believe!!

  • I love your blog. You’ve got all of my style icons here: Zelda Kaplan, Iris Barrel Apfel, Lynn Yeager, and now Louise Bourgeois! I saw the recent exhibit of her work at the Guggenheim and was inspired on so many levels. I am desperate to copy that sequined hat and fuzzy coat paradigm for this winter. If only I could be as diminutive and French as Madame Bourgeois.
    Thank you for all these inspirational photos. Thank you for introducing me to the wonders of Mimi Weddell, Anna Piaggi and Zandra Rhodes. And of course, I love Lucy with her flower and beret.

  • I’m glad someone is giving her props today. I hardly ever hear her name over the sea of mundane graffiti spewing into the youth-based art community. Her pieces are thoughtful and very polished. Maybe this is only from my point of view.