Veteran’s Day Couple

[ Associated Press]
Glenn Edward McDuffie and Edith Shain are the names of two of the most famous subjects in 20th century photographic history.Glenn, now 80 years old, and Edith aged 90, locked lips in Times Square, moments after it was heard that World War II had ended. Edith returns to the New York City to serve as grand marshal of the Veteran’s Day Parade.

  • I actually own that original newspaper! I didn’t know it when I scooped it up from an estate sale.. imagine my surprise!

  • lovely vintage post!

  • Anonymous

    stuff like that always makes me want to cry right away. i’m always so sentimental about these old meaningful pictures.
    i didnt know that one.
    thanks for sharing

  • Anonymous

    Simply AMAZING!:-)


  • Cecelia O’Brien

    I just went to Sarasota, Fl this weekend and there’s a huge statue of that picture

    : )

  • I love that first photo
    it’s such a wonderful candid shot

  • Wow oh wow! Everyone knows that picture and it is so amazing to see them both now. How crazy to be famous for that reason!