Holiday Fur

This guy knows how to keep warm while managing to look stylish at the same time.

  • eyh!!! es bueno

  • guys, I really love your blog, but wearing fur is revolting, and celebrating it as stylish is really offensive. Good luck with your future endeavors, but this post is the last straw for me, I can’t take any more “fur looks so amazing” photos.

  • Anonymous

    ugh, fur fanatics – whatever.
    this guy is very ‘coming to america’ and i kind of like that so i’ll pretend he’s slavic.

  • Looks like the men of the olden days… Thanks for versatility.

  • Thanks, Ari, for your response. I do love what you’re doing with Advanced Style, and most of the people you feature look amazing. Maybe I’ll resubscribe once the weather changes and people put away their furs — they just gross me out too much to look at.

    Certainly you can’t please everyone, but please know that except for those furs, Advanced Style is one of my favorite fashion blogs, much more interesting than any of the ones featuring younger people and our predictable modern clothes.

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  • Anonymous

    Are all of you anti-fur people against leather too? Or are cows okay to wear?