Mr. Grassi

MISTER MORT took this great photo of Mr. Grassi. He says, ” The fabric for this amazing overcoat came from his son. Mr. Grassi and his son exchange bolts of fabric every year and have something made by their tailor in Italy. I love his cashmere tie and trilby. What a pleasure to chat with. Go Here for more great photos by MISTER MORT.
  • Oh, very stylish! And by the way, thanks for this wonderful blog! It’s like a green island in the wide salty ocean of terribly boring fashion blogs.

  • I love this brilliant outfit! I think it is vital to understand that style does not age – I wonder if British reserve gets in the way of natty dressing sometimes. Nice work!

  • Anonymous

    This guy looks totally badass. One problem I have with hipsters is even when they dress like this, there’s something smug about it. And businessmen look like, well, businessmen. But this guy has a look of humility…awesome.