Style Inspiration: Lucius Beebe

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Reader, Kat Craddock introduced me to the Sartorial wonder of Lucius Beebe. A noted Journalist, Beebe wrote about food, culture, history and politics of his day. He is credited with popularizing the term “cafe society” and was well known for his great style!
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    Walter Winchell referred to him as “Luscious Lucius.”

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    I like this example of “advanced style” culled from the past– keep ’em coming, please!

  • Anonymous

    Please profile two of the most stylish seniors EVER– Quentin Crisp, and Louise Nevelson.

  • Love the old-school dandies!

  • Anonymous

    Never doubt the classics! They will always be around. Some fashion trends come and go, and some never leave.

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