Advanced Glamour

I came across this great photo on Cathy of California’s 1960’s and 70’s design and craft blog. The photo taken by Peter Schlesinger shows Maureen, Marchioness of Dufferin and Ava, with an Enid Collins bucket bag and is included in the book Checkered Past .
  • Magnifique !

  • Anonymous

    Really an Advanced choice Ari my man

  • Cal

    I just wanted to say how much I love this blog. I discovered it a while back but am not sure I’ve ever commented.

    It sounds as if you have so much fun talking to all these people as well.

    I’d be really intrigued to know – do you tell them it’s for a blog? How many of them know what a blog is – are they a pretty internet savvy bunch?

  • Crazy! I’ve been holding onto a postcard of this image (must have been from an art show) for 5 years now!

  • Oh, I absolutley adore her hair and spectacles!

  • Fab!

  • wow she looks so good
    I want to draw her

  • this is such a fantastic picture!

  • EnidColeslaw

    I’m slightly disappointed, after reading the accompanying text— I was hoping that the photo was contemporary, and this woman was wonderfully out of step with current fashion.

    Oh well, she looks great nonetheless.

  • great fur

  • Jane

    There is a shop in chicago, Dovetail Chicago, that has the SAME bag but with an owl on it. Weird.

  • bec

    wow this is so great!
    she’d be an awesome grandma, id steal all of her clothes!

  • Absolutely adorable.

  • Beautiful!!!

  • I have this bag but with an owl on it, like Jane said. I got it in Ireland though.

  • Anonymous

    I love, love, love everything about this. including her expression.

  • What a fabulous Blog! Love it! Just goes to prove that vintage fashion is for everyone!