Advanced Style Icon: Anne Slater

New York socialite Anne Slater has remained consistently stylish with her signature blue eye glasses and brushed back hair, since she adopted this look in the 1950’s. These details have helped her to create a look that remains both unique and inspiring.
  • Anonymous

    I work in an upper east side boutique that she frequents. She was as sweet as can be and bought a pair of vintage red Stuart Weisman pumps recently that matched perfectly with her red Chanel suit… she is fabulous!

  • Hi! What a great idea for a fashion blog! I had no clue that something like this existed… Often I see pretty dressed old ladys in the city and think: ‘I would still like to dress fashionable like them when I am at their age!’ You are doing great work^^
    Lilly 🙂

  • Eva

    I used to help her at Bergdorf’s, the late 80s. She’s very nice and of course – gorgeous!

  • Anonymous

    I am not really into blogs! But I like this blog. Love looking at how the older chic ladies are dressing! Old shcool I love it! They can teach us young gals A LOT!

  • Is Anne Slater the mom of Elise Holloway?

  • Anonymous

    Yes, she has two daughters…Dita
    Emmet is the other daughter

  • Anonymous

    Oh, that’s JUST how I want to wear my hair when I get old, it’s super-stylish (I plan to pair it up with wellington boots and slacks). Fingers crossed my hair turns all white like that! I especially like the picture at the bottom, she’s so gorgeous.

  • Anonymous

    Dorothy Dare?

  • Anonymous

    They don't come like this anymore. A much younger Christine Schwarzman is the closest to that aristocratic element today.