Advanced Style Icon: Tziporah Salamon

[ Photo by Mister Mort]
Although not quite 60, Tziporah Salamon has the makings to be a true Advanced Style Icon.
She must have quite an incredible collection of vintage items because every time I run into her she is dressed impeccably. She’s a super cool lady with amazing style and isn’t afraid to be creative and playful. Tziporah said in New York Times article, “Fashion has become something to buy, not to create,” she said, wrapping herself in a crimson cashmere shawl and pulling on a pair of black-and-white kid gloves. “Where’s the joy? Where’s the play? Where’s the creativity?”

More photos below:

  • Wow, she has incredible style!

  • Wow, I seriously want to be as stylish as her later on in my life!

  • She’s tremendous – how she uses colour, movement, history, humour.
    If I have to hear or see any more references to Kate Moss or Chloe Sevigny as style leaders I’m going to shout “Salamon!”

  • She’s fantastic.

  • We all love Tzip, and those of us who work with her on her looks have as much fun with fashion and style as she does!
    Take a lesson, folks!

  • Anonymous

    Most of Hollywood’s manufactured style “leaders” pale in comparison. Kids, THIS is how it’s done! 🙂

  • um wow she is amazing….this is something to aspire to. I can only hope I’m half as stylish as she is!

  • Woman style is very nice.

  • She’s a true “Eccentric” in SImon Doonan’s typology.
    Her pieces are of very high quality and fit perfectly.. That’s one of the rules if you aspire to this eccentric style.

  • Anonymous

    Brava Zippy!

  • She is awesome….

    i really like the chinesse soat.

  • I agree, she's fantastic – this whole blog is! I've just discovered it but am adding it as a link. I've only been doing street style photography as a blog a short time, & fascinated with people who have style of any age – have sneaked in a few people of 'advanced' age every now & then – and plan on increasingly doing so. After all, I myself am no spring chicken!

    I've just recently shot my own mom in Palm Beach county – and have threatened to put her up on my blog. Will definitely be following this! Many thanks.

    P. Dot

  • Anonymous

    again! tziporah! love her! check out this video i found of her!

  • Anonymous

    Super cool? Ive talked with her as has a few other people I know and I think she needs to lose her attittude! I don't understand why she thinks she is above people and can talk to others anyway she pleases. Personally, I think there are SOO many icons that dress much better than her.

  • OH ! very nice thanks