Color and Confidence

I saw this wonderful woman at the New Museum and admired the way she presented herself with confidence and style.

  • hello
    i love your blog
    i think it’s wonderful to think about them too, they are our parents and our grandparents and it’s them we look up too. they are funky and stilish and they are beautiful. you don’t have to be young and slim to be beautiful.
    Great work!

  • Hi, I love your blog too. It’s made me look around and see all the stunningly dressed older folks on the street. All those years of experience have certainly given them class and style in the way they dress. Unfortunately, all my years of experience have not had that effect on me as yet, but hopefully I’ll get inspired real soon!

  • Anonymous

    Wonderful blog. At age 56, I appreciate a site that so beautiful points out that great style is not something that “expires” at age 30. Fantastic wardrobe AND fantastic spirits to be seen here. I hope you gain greater notoriety, so that more people will visit each day, as I now do. Thank you!

  • Oh she is just amazing!

  • Love this lady’s chutzpah!!! Feisty and alive! Great hair, jacket, colors, sculpted lines, and nice chunky necklace. Love it all! Thanks for sharing! Carla

  • Great blog! This type of fashion blog is unique as far as i am aware. The people you have photographed are a good source of inspiration for me. Hope you dont mind if i add you to my blog roll. I look forward to seeing more.

    Fickle desire