Bowery Blue and White

This lady was walking on Bowery when I stopped her for a photo. She told me that she doesn’t usually look good in pictures, but I think she looks fantastic. I dig the contrast between her blue oversized dress and white stockings.

  • Anonymous

    you are right. she looks fantastic.
    great style. love it.

  • Wm Turner gallery

    Hey, I know her. She always looks this good. As charming as she is fashionable.

  • Anonymous

    Wonderful high style. What a dame.

  • Such a stunning, elegant lady.

    Wasn’t sure about the white stockings / black shoes at first (a little too school girl), but I’m warming to it.

  • oh my god that woman is delightful.

  • The blue is gorgeous! And she looks so lovely. Just the sort of person I’d love to sit down with for a cup of tea.

  • She looks very beautiful. Classy and poised. Lovely image!

  • She’s beautiful. Bless you, sir. Your noble blog is a treasure.

  • this is wonderful

  • Anonymous

    everything but the shoes.. but above the shoes she looks absolutely STUNNING!