Stay Green

I’ve taken many pictures of folks who are so loyal to their favorite colors that they dress head to toe in these special hues. This lady brightened my day when I saw her shopping in Whole Foods. She not only wears green, but apparently lives green as well, by bringing her own reusable shopping bag to the store!

  • sh

    Is her hair also slightly green? Wonderful!

  • She’s like a gorgeous little fairytale pixie! I love the hair, fab!

  • She looks like Patricia Clarkson. Even better!

  • she seems like alot of fun 🙂

  • She looks really happy and confident.

    That’s so going to be me when I’m older! I’m 35 and already stick quite closely to a blue (preferably aqua/turquoise), white, and green palette. I even refuse to get jerseys or T-shirts for my favorite sports teams or causes if they don’t work with that palette!

  • Anonymous

    It’s Sweetheart!!!! She paints prints for us at my job!! HI Sweetheart! you look fabi!

  • Anonymous

    She lives in my neighborhood and I have never seen her wear another color. I know she keeps a nice garden, I can see it from my kitchen.

  • This ain’t a good look… very sickly shades of green….

  • what a cute lady! reminds me slightly of my mother…
    great blog!

  • she really looks humourous and serious at the same time. Some people live their own rules, and she seems absolutely to be one of them.