Advanced Fashion Designer Fanny Karst

I just read about 24 year old designer Fanny Karst on Style Bubble and had to include some photos from her collections focused on women aged 50+. This wonderful line The Old Ladies’ Rebellion,has been receiving some great attention lately. Click HERE for more about Fanny and her clothing line.
  • Wonderful feelings in this world of advanced style.
    What a great idea to capture the invisible people of our time, the mature!

    Lene 44, from Sweden

  • Excellente idée ! enfin une mode pour les plus de 50 ans !

  • wonderful idea!

  • At first I’d assumed that Fanny Karst was the white haired dame, modeling the clothing in the photo.

    Now that I know she’s a 24 year old, my first question is: why would a 24 year old choose to design specifically for this age group? My second question: What does a 24 year old know about subject?

  • zora

    A fashion line for 50+ women is a fabulous idea but the problem is, Fanny Karst’s designs aren’t exactly pretty. Most of her dresses look like hospital gowns, the colours are drab and the fit is absolutely awful. My mum (67) didn’t find one item there she would want to wear.

  • Fanny Karst is a young woman. She is Jean Charles de Castelbajac’niece.

  • Love love love her style.

  • Dayum this woman is killing it! And the clothes are georgous for a mature age woman wanting to have a bit of fun with her style. I think its just catering to a niche in the market! But I really hope that I am this fantastic looking when I'm older!!!


    ps I came across your blog from the mention in Lula and am soooo impressed! Much love!!!

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  • Anonymous

    Those who you who have complained about Fanny being 24 years old…relax…It's terrific she's doing it..why question that…About time designers such as Fanny realize older woman love fashion and look good in it…



  • Anonymous

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