Advanced Style Trend: Bold Lipstick

This wonderful woman came into the New Museum again, wearing one of her original hand knit, high fashion sweaters. She is influenced by contemporary design and makes each sweater purely out of cashmere.

When I asked her about what inspires her look, including her bold lipstick choice she replied, ” the 1940’s”

Looking back on some of my favorite shots, I noticed that many of the “advanced in style” favor a similarly adventurous choice in lipstick. This throwback to the 1940’s is a glamorous addition to an already spirited look. Check out some more examples below:

  • Anonymous

    I LOVE bold lipstick on older women. Thank you!

  • Fantastic!

  • wow amazing blog.
    echange links?

  • barbra

    cannot get enough of all these interesting faces with their different shades of REALLY lipsticks.
    Your big bang shots inspired me, to wear strong lipcolor again (had “nudes” for a longer period)and I love it. Thank you for your inspiring blog. I’m cruising here each day.

  • the woman in the top picture was my art teacher as a child. she had the most amazing make up and clothes and hair EVERY SINGLE DAY. she never missed a beat. she used to dress in more dark colors, though this might have just been a “summer brights” day for her.

    shes the sweetest, most passionate woman in the world. it was such a great surprise to see her on this blog (i JUST found your site today)

    her name is carol, by the way


  • Anonymous

    that last woman is tziporah! i love her check out this amazing video of her ..

  • don't know how I found this site, but these wonderful women have inspired me to go back to red lipstick and other bold colors.