[ Photo by MISTER MORT]

Mister Mort took another great shot of Sweetheart, the lady in green. He writes, “Sweetheart wears only green for the last 7 years. She feels it makes people happier and more positive. She is an incredible artist.”

  • oh i love love love love love love love sweetheart. she is AMAZING. i actually interviewed her for this new york magazine story, she was awesome: http://nymag.com/fashion/08/spring/44210/index3.html

  • Anonymous

    There’s green and then there’s green. I hate the shades of green she’s wearing.

  • I think she's adorable. She'd be perfect if she'd not dye her hair green or have little green animals on her back pack. But, hell, that's just my opinion. I'm glad she's got her sense of style an goes with it. Kudos to her.