Advanced Style Profile: Lucy

Lucy is one of my favorite people to run into. She always wears her beret and can be seen sitting in the park on most sunny days. Today I saw her on the way to the park and we stopped to chat for a moment. She told me that many people stop and take her picture and that she has been wearing the same flower and beret for over 7 years.

  • This is by far my favorite blog out there – I actually can't wait to be old enough to join the ranks – I certainly think I have the style (he, he – sort of tongue in cheek!)
    Keep it coming – love it!

  • lovely! 🙂

    it's interesting to see how she's turned that into part of ther identity…

  • I'm inspired to think about how I dress. Lucy is a role model. I am plenty old enough.

  • That's impressive dedication to a hat!

  • barbra

    She could have been the inspiration for Miucca Prada.I like this Trümmerfrauen-look.
    Very sensitive face.

  • She is a charming looking lady, I do wish, however, that she'd polish those black shoes. Being older myself I realize we have to pay attention to grooming.

  • Beautiful Lady!

  • dignified!

  • Anonymous

    What a fabulous looking lady! She has such elegance and she brightens up everywhere she walks and visits!

  • my 50th birthday is only a week away and when I made my little black beret with a pink flower I didnt even know who "advanced style" is. Today I saw a video about Lucy and felt like watching myself another 20 years from now. Maybe we are twins? :-9