Cool Dudes Cool Frames

A great pair of shades look cool no matter how old you are. Don’t be afraid to bring back an eye wear trend, as long as you wear it with confidence, like the guys above.

  • ari

    great title for a great posting, just cool dudes. not hip cats or funny frames

  • those yellow wayfarers, so cheeky and cool!

  • Is it me or is that second fellow (yellow frames) kind of hot? haha! Whoot!

    Awsome blog, what a great idea!

  • Now the dude in the yellow frames, second one down looks like my kinda guy! What a FABULOUS blog this is. I recently included a mention of the most wonderful lady in her 80s who dresses to kill every day of her life. Your blog is a true inspiration and a whole lotta fun!

  • LOL, well, I should have read the post from Alexandra… Looks like I'm not the only one who thinks the guy in the yellow is rather yummy!

  • Again, I'm in LOVE! xxoo P