Advanced Style Trend: Round Glasses

I recently read that round glasses were making a big comeback. Could this trend be inspired by people like the ones shown above? Either way they sure know their way around a great pair of glasses!

  • Michael Toepfer

    I believe the New York Times was a bit faster here. 😉

  • I'm getting new glasses this week and the definately will NOT be round. No.


  • Notice the age of all the people in the pictures–perhaps round glasses are in style to accommodate those of us who need bi or triple focal lenses for our aging eyes! And of course we remember the 60s/80s icons the NYT article mentions.

  • top classes: WANT!

  • Google Iris Apfel: they are her signature look, and she's an Advanced Stylist as well. It's a great look!

  • What a breath of fresh air, life affirming! Gives me my New York fix for the day, too!

  • wow- they all seem to be from the Edith Heath fan club!!!
    Glory Edith!

  • I have been inspired and now have round glasses on order.

  • Anonymous

    My mother has these glasses:

    I used to not like them, but maybe they are coming back in style.

  • Well nowadays young people are using glasses like this type. I don't know why my favorite design of old school glasses it's the design that use Ray ban.