Hanneli’s Photos

[ Photo by Hanneli Mustaparta]
Our friend Hanneli took the photo above in Midtown Manhattan. She always seems to spot the most wonderful people. From cool to chic Hanneli captures a diverse range of inspiring looks. Check out more of her great photos below.

  • All very classy in style.

  • I love the photos you take of these stylish older people! I love the styles and dress that older people have through the years and their own personal favorites!

    I will be happily keeping up with your lovely blog!


  • These are wonderful! I've only just discovered your blog but I love it. There's so much confidence here – I think 'Advanced Style' should be issued on the NHS!!!

  • Sabine Kallenbach

    Love these stylish gentleman. Especially "Cary Grand"!
    Wonderful blog.

  • Anonymous

    Love the last photo: combining the boots with what is essentially quite a sophisticated look blows me away; very modern!