Partners in Style

Not only do these ladies know how to accessorize, but they also look great in bright and vibrant colors. They have lived near each other for over thirty years and have obviously influenced one another’s style.

  • These ladies look fun, cool, and stylish. The hats add so much!

    Keep 'em coming!

  • ok seriously these blog RULES!
    wow i always thought older people dressed so nice and always look for inspiration from them and now these blog came along and BAM! it's wonderful

  • they look great! nice pictures

  • Anonymous

    These ladies are fabulous. As a woman approaching "advanced" status, I find this blog to be the most inspiring of all.
    I especially love the pictures of women who use vintage clothes in a modern way.

  • OMG! I am in love! xxoo P

  • aw they make me want to give them a big hug.