This stunning 81 year old woman was walking by the piers when I stopped her for a quick photo. Her sophisticated style and striking hair were further complimented by her lovely personality.

  • She looks amazing! I love this blog! As a prematurely gray-hair person it's just nice to see so many stylish people with hair like mine.

    All fashion is not worn by 12 year olds.

    I just wish my grandmother was still alive to make an appearance on here – she was one of the most stylish people I've ever known – all the way through her life.

    Anyway, thanks for showing us all an alternative to the daily samesame.

  • Love the hair. Love the stripey cardigan!

  • love love love those high-waisted pants and red striped cardigan!

    it's great when you can tell home lively people are….even in old age!

  • Très chic! LOVE the bow on the pants!

  • She is so beautiful and classy. I love this blog and the inspiration I find in it!

  • 81?!! She is stunning!

  • This is my new favourite blog. I love it!

  • I adore this outfit, its a really timeless look, Im 27 and would love to wear it!

  • i have heard about your site, and now i finally found it

  • She's amazing. Naturally elegant too.

  • This woman looks like my aunt, where was this picture taken? Do you know her name, my aunt is called Hilde.

  • Anonymous

    Wow. She's radiant in both style and aura!

  • love it.

  • Wow, 81!? You're kidding!! She looks awesome, and I love her style – she dresses way better than I do, hahaha. Thanks for posting! This blog is fabulous!

  • Style I will be stealing when I reach her age.

  • She looks so fresh and current with the high waisted pants. She looks confident and proud to be 81 with that grey stripe of hair in the front!