We Meet Again on the Upper West Side

I couldn’t stop taking pictures of this wonderful 90 year old woman. I ran into her on The Upper West Side and remembered that I had taken her photo once before at the Met. She is full of spirit and has incredible style. Check out her silver bracelets!

  • she is looking is so cute an old lady in fashion I love to this.The dress she has weird looking so nice.


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  • I remember her! WOW–90. She looks still slender, strong, and self assured!! Love great role models! Thank you for sharing her with us.

  • very chic!
    i like the style inspiration on this blog. so refreshing and fun.

  • She's wearing two different hats with the first outfit; was she carrying a spare?

  • What an inspiration she is to be sure!

  • OMG shes so Dries van Noten!!

  • RedOrangePink

    90! She truly is incredible. She has more self assurance and style than half the people my age, which is 30.
    I just found this blog today, and love it.

  • haha! i love this!
    great blog – such a great idea!!
    old people wear the best things!

  • very cool, love it.