An Afternoon with Leonora Russo

I met with Leonora Russo today to catch up find and out what she had been up to. She let me know that she had just finished three movie projects and was awaiting what was in store for her next. She looked as wonderful as ever! Check out some more shots of the ever stylish “Queen of Williamsburg” below.

[Photo by Miss Vichan]
  • Ah she is one of my favourites! It would be great to read an interview with her and with some of your other regulars!


  • the photo of her against the grafitti/mural wall is perfect!

  • Divine! A true inspiration!

  • Mrs. Russo's birthday is March 10th. She is currently in Cabrini Center of Nursing and Rehabilitation 542 E 5th St. New York, NY 10009
    Phone: (212) 358-3000 She is recovering from a hip replacement operation and would love to hear from friends and fans. Please send her a birthday or get-well card or go visit her. She's lonely and depressed being in the hospital. lots of love, william basinski