A Summer Wedding

[ Photo by MISTER MORT]

I saw this woman while shopping at a flea market. She was just on her way home from a wedding when she noticed the sale. We started chatting and I snapped of few shots of her beautifully coordinated look.

  • first of all, I love this blog — it's a bit of sunshine in my daily slog!

    but, it's crochet, not macrame. (but still awesome!)

  • Oooh! Lovin that skirt! She looks stunning!!
    Cheers, Karen

  • i hope too be this fabulous when i'm a senior 🙂

  • A truly lovely ensemble! I love that gorgeous crocheted skirt.

    On the subject of macrame, I've noticed a fashion trend recently where designers like Ralph Rucci and Lorenzo Riva have begun including macramed panels in gowns and tops. There's also a retrospective on Mary McFadden in Washington D.C.; she used macrame to great effect in some of her timeless pieces.
    If it holds any interest for you, check out my blogposts on this subject at:

  • her skirt is heavenly. i love the monochrome off-white; it really suits her skin tone.