At The Movies

I saw this wonderful woman at the movie theater and asked if I could take her photo. She told me that she was 99 years old and has lived in Manhattan her whole life. Fania is a Fabric designer and has worked with many studios throughout her long career.She has had most of her clothes for many years and always dresses up. While standing on the street corner, she pointed out buildings to me, and told me stories about what they used to look like.

  • That hat is beyond fabulous!

  • love the bag tied around her wrist…gorgeous smile…'n the charm of that hat!

  • oh wow. she's absolutely precious! i love her outerwear.

  • She looks fantastic! She really knocks me out!
    Great blog anyway, I´ve saisd it before…

  • she is a breath of fresh air. so lovely! the hat is perfect.

  • She's gorgeous. The hat is beautiful, and it's so charming the way she wears it, turned up on one side and dipped on the other.

  • LOVE her! The hat is fantastic and love the sweater, too. Oh, and being 99 years old is good, too. 😉

  • oh i love her…

  • Anonymous

    What style she has!

    Carol in Denver

  • She's beautiful. Since everyone already called attention to her hat, I'll point out her other wonderful accessory: her earrings!

  • 99!!! Amazing.

  • barbara

    words fail me, I am speechless!
    What a great style, what a beautiful face and all that crowned by a perky hat.
    Think, this will be one of my favourite shot. Thank you.

  • i want to grow young like her!!!!!!!

  • I was thrilled to find Mrs. Stone featured here!

    I've known her for about a decade, and every time I visit your site, I say to myself, "Mrs. Stone is the doyenne of advanced-style, SHE should be featured!"

    My wish has been granted!

    Isn't she amazing? The most stylish dame of Gramercy Park.

    Keep on truckin', Mrs. Stone!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for this blog. Absolutely inspiring!

  • Oh the hat!

  • Wow, seeing her makes me so happy!

  • Anonymous

    So beautiful!

  • mra

    ce blog est un pur bonheur, qu'elle découverte sympathique!

  • Anonymous

    The jacket, the hat… style greatness

  • This lady is beyond fabulous – I want to be like her when I'm that age!

  • Lau

    Merveilleuse old Lady !!!

    Merci pour votre adorable blog!!

  • that's what i wanna look like when i'm 99. she's incredibly beautiful and still has sparks in her eyes.


  • Such a beautiful lady. Love the story. Love her style. Love.

  • Love her story. Love her style. Love.