Beauty At Balthazar

I don’t use the word fabulous very often, but here it seems very appropriate. I saw this gorgeous lady heading into Balthazar for dinner and asked if I could take her photo. She was kind enough to post for a few shots while her family members stood and watched. She was visiting from Italy and when I told her that people would probably think she was famous her friends announced, ” She is famous.”

  • Well, she looks very special , but she seems to be much younger than the people you usually ask for a picture.
    I guess she is around 57/58??

  • hi there! i've really been enjoying this blog since i found it and recently got the chance to pass on an award and who better to give it to than you guys. thanks for the awesome posts (:

  • She's adorable!

  • I don't know much about famous people, but she sure is gorgeous.

  • fabulous indeed.
    her pops of white look great against an otherwise all-black ensemble.
    love her hair color.

  • Those are the kind of friends you want to have!