Colorful in Chicago

I saw this woman in front of the Art Institute of Chicago while visiting the city for a weekend trip. Not only did her bright and colorful outfit make my day, but she also gave me some great sight seeing tips for the rest of my visit.

  • Wow, she looks great! I wish I could wear red and look that fabulous! 🙂

  • She looks wonderful!And I like the words you write below the pictures.I always imagine the situation , when you stand together, talking, imagine what kind of view to the city this lady has.
    The other day I spoke about an hour with a lady, to take a picture of her, and today I talked to another old lady, and I would have loved to bring them both together…This lady would match perfectly too. Maybe one day I invite some of the ladys for a chickentalk 🙂

  • barbara

    Days of wine and roses, love those prints.
    I have to repeat: in summertime you see much more outfits with fantasie.

  • Always love to see a Chicagoan doing our city proud and rocking their own style!

    It's also great that she gave you some sight seeing tips. Have to love us friendly midwesterners.

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  • She looks joyful, she is delightful.