I met Jenny at The New Museum and asked if I could take her photo. She grabbed her beautiful umbrella and we went outside for a little photo shoot.

  • What an incredibly amazingly wonderfully stylish woman!!!

    PS: I adore this blog, so much!

  • Esz

    Wow she looks incredible!! The umbrella matches her eyes 😀 Lovely! I hope to look like her when I am her age

  • I want to be like her some day. Beautiful!

  • Wow, she is stunning!

  • this is one of my favorite Advanced Style posts.
    she's stunning. love the gray dress w/ teal umbrella! look at that black chiffon detailing, it's so pretty! her silvery hair and scarf, too, are beautiful.

  • WOW, she is stunning!!!!!!

  • Zoe

    What a gorgeous lady! I relly like her hairstyle. I also really love her little umbrella!

  • Stunning!

  • Anonymous

    Effortless! Lovely colouring and elegant styling.

  • I say, she's divine!

  • Anonymous

    These photos beg the question: when does one become officially "advanced"? She is breathtaking and my first thought was that she's too young to be on this website, although I have no idea how old she is.

    I am, however, ecstatic to see such a spectacular woman who is not in her twenties or thirties. I'm guessing she's a model, and if not, she should be!

    Thank you for all the pictures in addition to these. I have shared this website with many of my friends as I am so inspired and uplifted by your photos and stories.

  • Anonymous

    i wanna be her

  • Anonymous

    i wanna be her.

  • ari

    Great point!. I always bring up the fact that my site is about aging to the people I photograph. I take photos of people who aren't afraid to express themselves. People who have become confident as they have aged, and people who have stories to tell. It is too hard to set a limit on the age. Of course it is about the style of older people and I try and stay true to this theme.Thanks for your comment, its something I think about all the time

  • What a gorgeous woman.

    And what thrilling use of a parasol. I love her attention to detail, the paisley scarf, the art deco pin. And the camera just adores her. If she isn't already a model, someone get her an agent.

  • Your comments all far too kind. When I ventured out on Saturday morning to see the David Goldblatt exhibition at the New Museum, I had no idea that I was photographable — never happened before. I'll be 56 in November and very comfortable in my 'advanced' state. I have my own style that gives me a quiet pleasure. I went grey prematurely and dyed my hair for years — made me look 100! Never modeled but I'd love to. Being a perfect size 2, I think I could really do it but the industry unfortunately doesn't consider older men and women unless they are Hollywood icons (remember the GAP and "Got Milk" ads in the 90s?). My favorite designer remains Mr. Dior — I'm copying some some of his fifties stuff — make my own paper patterns, run up the major seams on my sewing machine and finish the rest by hand. Check out "Dior in Vogue" — a 1981 publication by Harmony Books, NY. Probably available on As an addicted bibliophile, I find this site invaluable. Thank you Ari, you made my day.

  • Carla

    WOW! Coquettish and elegant! Wonderful look!

    Advanced Style, would love for you post a few words from each of these role models to give encouragement to the rest of us so we can learn let our inner fabulousness out too! Thanks for this great blog!

    Jenny–you make your own patterns and clothes! You go girl! I sew my clothes too!! May something wonderful come your way because of this photograph!

    Best Wishes!


  • barbara

    That beautiful umbrella adds a bit of a Geisha look.
    Like the materials mix of tweed and paisley and lace. This umbrella is to die for.

  • She is STUNNING!

  • Anonymous

    Oh my…i can only hope i will grow old like this!

  • Classic, ageless style! What more need be said! You GO Ms. Jenny! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Jenny, you are gorgeous. I can only hope to look as beautiful as you at your age. We put too much emphasis on being young. Wisdom, intelligence, and creativity is way more important and beautiful.

  • Jenny is a great beautiful lady :*