A Note On Advanced Style

I am often asked if I have an age limit for Advanced Style and this is something I constantly think about when I go out taking photos. I started the site as a means to connect to New York city and learn from the people who have made it the culturally rich place that it remains.Walking around I have had the amazing opportunity to meet women like 95 year old model and actress Mimi Weddell. Mimi started her career in her 60s and continues to go on auditions today, always looking gorgeous and always wearing a hat. The other day I met the lovely Steinberg Sisters. These two fabulous ladies live above one another and frequent their local library to look at fashion books. They love to share their stories and remain passionate and creative about fashion, an industry they have worked in for over 50 years.

My grandmother Bluma lived into her 90s and never complained about a thing. She’d share stories about her childhood growing up in Iowa and later her move to New York to attend library school at Columbia University.While looking through her old scrapbooks one time, she told me that because her father was in the apparel industry, that although she may have had holes in her shoes during The Great Depression, she never went without a pretty dress.Bluma always had a new mystery novel by her bed. She seemed to have some kind of magic power that made spaghetti taste even better and had a rare and beautiful sweetness about her. I grew up in San Diego spending most weekends at my grandma’s house. It was she who told me to move to New York and she who continues to inspire me everyday.

All of the people I photograph have a story to tell and much of their character is revealed by their unique and individual styles. I have noticed that older people wear their clothes with confidence and pride,whether they are still wearing the beloved pieces of clothing that they have cherished for many years or tend to dress in more contemporary fashion. There is a certain romanticism that accompanies the way they speak about their clothing as if a favorite coat or pair of gloves can inspire memories of the past. Mimi Weddell says in the clip below” I can’t imagine going without a hat. The only Romantic thing left in life is a hat.”

Advanced Style is about an attitude that accompanies aging, an appreciation of life, and a look at the creativity and vitality that can be expressed through style. I am constantly drawn to and inspired by older people and hope that my project has influenced others to feel the same.

Ari Seth Cohen

  • I love your blog, and look forward to seeing all the new people you meet! I really hope that I too can look so fabulous in my advanced years.
    Thanks, Karen

  • I have two degrees in Social Work/Aging Studies. I have a lifelong love and respect for older people, and you have summed up the "why" of it here— I've had enough Mimis in my life to know what treasures our many-decade-arians are. Bravo for a wonderful site. I love having these fabulous people showing us how to age gracefully and with great style!

  • Mimi is a beautiful woman! And I'm going to remember "the only romantic thing left in life is a hat".

  • What a beautiful woman. I love this blog.

  • This blog is a blessing to all. It's full of love and respect; can never have too much of that!

  • Nice Story! I'm new here and I must say that I'm impressed by your content. I own a mens fashion blog so I know how it is to come up with fresh content. Keep the stories coming.

  • danielle

    your blog is really fun and inspiring to look at. it's the only one i read where my boyfriend looks over my shoulder and likes to comment and hope that we can both dress as cool when we are older. also, it makes us notice all the well dressed older folk here in dc.

  • My dear young man: You have cast joy on many a day for those of us who have passed a certain mark. It sends us out with confidence knowing that there are many who still have the will to be beautifully turned out. Mr. Cohen you are much loved. Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    Wonderful blog! I love it!
    I am 26, but i know i'll definitely be like one of those women in your pics.
    Congrats for this beautiful blog and pics!

    PS: i'd defenitely marry you! You look so georgeous in that pic! 😉

  • Anonymous

    Love this post and video about Mimi. She sure as hell doesn't seem 95! Loved it.

  • I am such a fan!

  • Enjoy your blog, and am inspired by women who continue to be stylish and engaging as they age, especially Mimi. I can only hope to have a little of the fabulous-ness she has if I make it to her age!

  • I think its great you taking photos of senior citizens. I live in a senior citizens complex down by the Jersey shore, just a state below you.

    Do you ever run into any members of the Red Hat Society, http://www.redhatsociety.com in your area? Red hatters can be found all over the world. We wear mostly fashionable purple outfits and red hats, especially large brimmed red hats. You can tell what members are under 50 years old, because those members wear lavendar outfits and pink hats. You can see some red hatters photos at my Flickr photostream at http://www.Flickr.com/Oceanpeg

    One of my senior friends from one of the dozen senior villages here in our area, Jeannie, 77 years old, got married last weekend, September 12, 2009. Her new hubby, Charles is 80. Both were widowed and long time friends. They're planning a wedding reception in the near future. I think it's great that they finally decided to get hitched and are now living together.

  • Anonymous

    I live in Denver–everyone here dresses very casual, but I am a different genre and love to dress up–just cannot do it quite like these gorgeous women unless I visit New York. What an inspiring blog.
    Let us know about your book!!

  • Anonymous

    I live in Denver–everyone here dresses very casual, but I am a different genre and love to dress up–just cannot do it quite like these gorgeous women unless I visit New York. What an inspiring blog.
    Let us know about your book!!

  • Very, very cool and awesome blog.
    Best rergards from Belgrade!