Silver and Black

I took this photo while flea market shopping with my mom. We saw this guy and admired his individuality and confidence.

  • OH WOW. respect! that is sick. i have so much love for the blazer/jacket

  • Ah he is an original punk!! That is some look to pull off at any age, I salute him, the hair especially!!

  • Not at all what I expected… wow! Cool tho..

  • Absolutely fascinatingly COOL!

  • That takes balls!

  • barbara

    A look extraordinaire!
    Great mix of goth, punk and fantasy.
    Love it.

  • Original punk rocker still ballsy enough to dres punk rock at a more advanced age. veyr cool!

  • I saw that guy in Grand Central.

  • I saw that guy in Grand Central the other day!

  • Anonymous

    Seen him twice, in Grand Central & East Village. You should find out what his deal is, he looks fascinating.