Summer Cool

This woman’s sparkling accessories and coordinated colors are the perfect recipe for a comfortable and stylish Summer look. Check out her matching hair clips and earrings!

  • she is just too cute! this post makes me smile.

  • whilen looking at all those happy and colorfull people i`m wishing to be in my sixties at ones 😀
    i`m in love with advanced crazynest !

  • Aelixira

    I just wanted to tell you that this blog is fabulous, I love watching all the pictures, the people there are really stylish! + it gives a positive image of seniors, and THAT is nice, in today's world.
    We are all going to be 50 and much more one day, so showing the good side of it and stopping seeing it as the most awful thing is necessary and natural. Congratulations to those who had the idea of this blog, to the photographers and above all, the models =) And THANK YOU