Bright and Bold

This woman was walking in the East Village when her bright colors caught my eye. She told me that she loves wearing bright colors and that she wears them all of the time.

  • happy colors. and look at her smile! so warm and joyous.

  • Glorious colour combination! LLGxx

  • She is DARLING! Everyone should look so happy. Love her lapel pin. This is a great blog. I'm going to submit a photo of my mother in law. Born and raised in Cairo, she is effortlessly chic. She has a closet full of vintage clothing and evening gowns that Rachel Zoe would D.I.E. for.


  • Anonymous

    The moment this picture popped up I began to smile. She is fabulous.

  • she looks wonderful and one can deny that those colours give her a youthful glow!

    very cheeky outfit!


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