Advanced Style: Drawing Inspiration

When I was a child I would draw pictures of fancy ladies and chandeliers and make little books of them. The other day I decided to try my hand at drawing again. It’s funny because my drawing skills haven’t “advanced” much and these ladies look very much like the ones I did as a kid. As a child I was still drawn to the style of older people and my old sketches were definitely an influence on me starting this blog. I hope you enjoy them!

  • these are adorable.

  • a lovely, charming set! keep drawing.

  • adorabibble! this should be a weekly thing since they are so cute.

    Sarah Louise

  • they are sooo adorable!!! i want one please!!!!(me, angel) i love that you posted them!!! xx

  • These are so cute, thanks for making my morning fun.

  • these are too cute! each one made me smile. 🙂

  • Yes, they may still look like your kid-drawings, but they sure are in vogue today! They are hip, they are cute, and oh so expressive!

    What fun 🙂

  • mim

    I looooove them!! 🙂

  • They are awesome! They look like they're flying or floating in the air and a couple of them remind me a little bit of Edward Gorey.

  • All sketches are soo adorable. keep drawing..

  • Anonymous

    I love your pictures. They remind me of these:

  • Love it, so cute!

  • drawings are cunning, carry all the promise of later, which is now. wow.

  • Anonymous

    Seriously. I would buy a set of these, frame them with brightly colored mats and hang them on the wall.

  • Anonymous

    I love these! I drew fancy ladies too!