A Mimi Moment

I was looking through the Hat’s Off website when I came across these fantastic photos of Mimi Weddell. I just paid a visit to Mimi and although she was feeling under the weather, she was as beautiful and eloquent as ever. I told Mimi that she was a rare treasure, both thoroughly modern yet steeped in the romanticism and grace of the past.
  • Mary O’Grady

    Lovely, as always, but how did the Collyer brothers, in Italian yet, get into this?

  • barbara

    Not only is Mimi a rare treasure.
    The photos are telling us about having "Allure".
    Autumn will bring lower temperatures.
    Hopefully Mimi feels better soon.

  • Good posting!

  • I love Mimi! This is such a lovely blog…

  • Amazing!!! I did like her style.

  • Amazing!!! I did like her style.

  • Anonymous

    Amazing!!! I did like her style.