Advanced Style from “Au coin de ma rue”

Barbara took this wonderful photo of Ineke, in the Netherlands, for her blog Au coin de ma rue.

  • yes!!!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Ari!

    Her energy and "fabulosity" are incredibly infectious!!!
    She appears both totally natural and amazingly stylish in one breath.

    Enjoyed the link as well.

    Best, J.

  • this has to be another one of my favorite posts here. this lady is adorable!

  • barbara

    What a perky style! What a flattering silver mane.
    Netherland is well known for people with unusual style. Great.

  • Found you over at Loose Leaf Tigers…love this! Don't know that I could ever pull it off but sure takes a lot of character and confidence!

  • Anonymous

    She couldn't be any more stunning! Adore the colors and fab boots.

  • Now… THIS is stylish–writing a manifesto, not signing a petition.

    And, she looks totally unstudied at the same time. Brava.

  • i love that look 🙂

    and i love your blog, i posted something about it (unfortunaltely in german) on my own blog!


  • This woman is amazing!

  • i adore everything about her look.

  • Everyone you feature on this blog is inspiring in some way, and this lady especially so. Many thanks for posting this!

  • Wow I love her look … go for it girl

  • Very impressive posting. I enjoyed it. I think others will like it & find it useful for them. Good luck with your work. 😉