It’s All In The Details

I saw Susan on my way to work and admired her exquisite style. She told me that her favorite thing to do in the morning is pick out her socks. What a wonderful layering of socks and tights she has paired with her leopard print shoes. We chatted for a minute about “Advanced Style” and how she was wearing “15 years worth of clothing”. Susan‘s eye for design extends beyond fashion. She is the owner of an event design company that creates extraordinary experiences!
  • Hi, again I feel like telling you how much I like your winderful blog!
    Only the pictures are just to small, I think.
    It took me a while too to find out how to get them bigger, but to me it seems to be a good effort to have it done.If you´ld like me to , I can explain how to enlarge them on your blog. I mean the most interesting thing on a blog like this are the pictures and the layouts from blogspots have too small pictures to my mind.
    But anyway- great work!And nice writing!
    ( sorry for my english..)

  • Anonymous

    JULIE (Argentina)

  • This is a truly clever and original woman.
    I checked out her website and was impressed.

    The best way to get to know a person, is to speak to that yourself and that is not achieved by just reading texts on the Internet.

    So she has a film with a free-flow interview with her where she presents herself most successfully.
    And with great charm.
    Very impressive!

  • I've got a couple of "wow's", first – Wow, this ladys oufit is just great, I love the shoes and the overall colour combination, brilliant! Second – WOW, this blog is amazing, just came across it today and I'm falling slightly in love, it's great, great inspiration, such a good idea, thank you thank you thank you for posting!

  • I love Susan's outfit,especially the shoes and layered legwear. I agree with the first post about the size of the photos on Blogspot–I have a blog on here as well, and I've tried to get the photos to appear larger, but haven't figured it out yet!