Advanced Style: Fashion Flashback

Carole’s Grandmother, do you notice the resemblance?

I have posted pictures of my friend Carole here a few times already, but the other day I was lucky enough to visit her spectacular apartment. I will post more photos and story soon. She has lived in New York and abroad, as an artist and teacher, sharing her passion for life,beauty, art. Here is a preview of our lunch date together, including some fashion flashbacks from her scrapbook.

She also makes incredible Hand knit Cashmere Scarves, of which I own two. Email me at if you’d like more info about these wonderful handmade works of art.

  • Those scarves are beautiful!

    You have a really great blog here. I enjoy each post. It's so nice to see everyone is fashionable, not just the young. Thank you for sharing this!

  • Cant wait to see more of this apartment. How fabulous.

  • The sweaters are indeed works of art…how wonderful that you could display it on your person and not on a wall, where it will just get dusty and untouchable…i'm all for wearable art, as i also wear my art on my person, whether tshirts or sarongs…

  • Have always loved your photos of Carole. Such clear vision in her style. Today's post lend further insight. Her apartment, her scarves, her stunning outfit in the picture just above, all wonderful! Thank you.

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  • Mim

    Thank you for showing us Carole in unusual bronzy colors.

  • Those photos are soo neat!
    I love this blog!

  • Love her olive silk top!

  • GREAT BLOG!!!!

  • barbara

    What a beautiful home with colors and memories and personal history.
    What an interesting person.
    Incredible, your talent for finding those people.
    Like a truffle dog.

  • I'm intrigued by the wall behind her in the shot where she is wearing the lovely silk blouson. It appears they are interpretations of frocks. Am I correct? xxoo Patty

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