Advanced Style: Future Options

[Photos by MISTER MORT]
On the topic of aging and style, it is my opinion that style options become less limited with age.With the benefit of time and having seen trends come and go throughout the years, Advanced Style fashionistas know what works best for them and they can take risks without fear of judgement. Arriving at this venerable state grants one the priveledge of authority . It is to our elders that we should turn to for advice. In fact the silver haired set can be free to dress for themselves,wear their clothes with confidence and experiment with their favorite style cues from the past and present.
The woman above takes a practical accessory, and turns it into a contemporary and elegant fashion statement. By mixing her glasses with fun earrings, a beautiful floral hair tie, chic black jacket, and trendy boots, she creates a look that is fashion forward and super stylish. It is this mixing of elements, seemingly effortless and spontaneous, but put together with great instinct and care that I find so fascinating in my investigation of advanced styles. The advancement of personal style is about feeling good which in turn allows you to look even better, the only one you have to convince is yourself.

Ari Seth Cohen

  • You didn't mention how perfect the shoe choice is.

  • I think the other reasons that your options are less limited is that people generally know themselves better, are more comfortable with themselves, and outgrow the need to dress "right" and be fashionable all the time.

    I hit 30 and suddenly I didn't care that new trends never fit me or look stupid on me. I love my clothes way better now that I can wear ones that I like instead of worrying about whether or not I'm cool. (Which, ironically, seems to make me more cool.)

  • so true!

    LOVE her jewelry, the jacket, the all-black. for some reason i find her look so miami. i often spend a lot of time up there, and run across the most fashionable older ladies- very well-dressed, in similar attire to this woman.

  • I love her jacket! It's so cool!

  • Hi! I love your blog! I just came across it and spent some time going back and back and back into the depths of "previous posts". I love what you see in the wisest class of people, and it translates in your blog. I imagine you have met so many wonderful people with amazing stories to tell. Thanks so much for sharing with us!

  • That woman looks like she knows how to have fun!

  • That woman looks like she knows how to have fun!

  • super spacig, aber mit stil.^^