Beatrix Ost

Ever since MISTER MORT took a picture of writer and artist Beatrix Ost, I have been inspired by her truly original style. Her unique grace and sophistication make her the perfect advanced style icon and a great example of what I discussed in the post below. Check out some wonderful videos of her on StylelikeU and I hope to some day take some videos of my own.
  • This is a little diamond in the morning! Thank you. What a beautiful woman.

  • barbara

    Trixie and Ludwig are the most outstanding couple I've ever seen.
    Charisma and Extravaganza.

  • Good Lord, Beatrix Ost is exquisite.

    I adore your blog that I just discovered last week.

    I can't tell you how thrilling it is to see photos of totally chic people over age 40 wearing beautiful, creative ensembles–from classics to vintage.

    Any chance I can subscribe by email? My RSS readers are overwhelming.

  • carla

    I went and googled Beatrix! What a lot to see about her! Fascinating! Thanks for the introduction.

    Love you and your blog!


  • Zee

    They are an awesome looking couple. I love the fact that they seem to complement each other so well.

  • she looks so awesome! and this is a nice couple by the way…

  • Anonymous

    What a dashing couple!

  • What A Classic Looking Lady. Great to see such class and distinction…

    Mat Board

  • Cynthia Burke

    I once fretted to Trixie that i didnt know what to wear to a dinner party at her house. She said, " Oh, dont worry, just wear something…… FABULOUS."