Grandma On The Upper East Side

This gorgeous lady was on her way to pick up her grandchildren from school when I stopped her for a quick photo. She told me that she was surprised that I would stop to admire an 84 year old but I reassured her that she looked simply marvelous!

  • That's wonderful!! She looks much younger – fit and healthy!

  • Loving those glasses! Well, the scarf too, of course!

  • Amazing! Reminds me on Edith Heath. I saw a lady like her yesterday, but she was in a rush, and I decided not to disturb…too bad!
    Its a great shot!

  • She looks fantastic! Love the glasses and the animal print scarf. Tres chic.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Ari!

    WOW. Where do I start? The mix of animal print with plaid is perfect, especially the way it's contained with black. The glasses are absolutely perfect.

    Finally, the way she exposed the jacket sleeve between the coat and glove is such a beautiful, attentive touch. She is stunning, elegant, and a fabulous addition to your pantheon of inspiring people.

    Thank you!!

    Best, J.

  • Just arrived here for the first time from okbye blog….love this blog!!

  • She knows a thing or two about real style.

  • Now this lady is a classic from the way she ties her scarf to the earrings and the glasses!

  • i love it
    i think is a new way of wearing clothes
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  • barbara

    Anonymous told it like it is.

  • She is utterly fantastic. She reminds me so much of Iris Apfel!

  • Anonymous

    She's a sophisticated beauty, no matter her age!

  • Anonymous

    I wish you found more often people like this lovely lady.Many of your pictures show very eccentric styles, not mention some quite odd.Personally, although I appreciate the creativity, I miss seeing people who despite/because of their age have a sense of fashion, style, proportions and look simply modern and great.