An Inspiring Day With Debra pt. 2

There is too much to write about my new friend Debra at this hour, but I promise to provide some background to these photos at a later date. For now enjoy these photos of her wonderful apartment and fantastic works of art. As always feel free to share your own Advanced Style inspiration and email me at
  • Anonymous

    WOW! What an interesting inside view into her life and style. Debra is so stylish.

    Can't wait to read your background story to this amazing fotos.

  • What a fantastic blog!!! Very few times I'm so inspired and excited. All these wonderful people. Thank you for sharing them with the World!!!

  • I love her necklace ! Wonderful !

  • Definitely very inspirational !
    Thank you for sharing !


  • This lady sure doesn't look dull:) Looking forward to learn more about her.

  • This lady is so awesome! I hope I'm as interesting and fun as her when I'm her age 🙂

  • amazingggggggg!!

  • ahhh, i've been waiting for this post, part 2 of debra's style…and did i read correctly that there's still more to come?!
    i love her style, her space, that hair. once again, i look forward to learning more…part 3! 🙂

  • Awesome photos this time around!

  • … what an apartment! Gorgeous pictures and subject matter; my favorite picture is the last one of her.

  • barbara

    Debbie Harry meets Frida Kahlo in NY.
    That's the mood your beautiful photos are making to me.
    I'm so curious to read the story behind that unusual person.
    Ari, your blog is the most imaginative and "depence causing substance" for me.
    Thank you.

  • k.

    oh my, i LOVE her.

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  • This is incredibly inspiring! I just could start some artwork! WOW!! Chapeau Chapeau. No need of bein afraid of "the age" … to get older, whatever! Live semms to become even mor rich every single day.

  • I am entranced!! Privately, I am curious to know about her hair and how the pink comes to be. Also, are her walls painted celery green? It seems the perfect background for the fiber flourishes. You are so lucky to have the opportunity to get to know someone like Debra. xxoo Patty

  • great haircolour ♥

  • Anonymous

    This is amaziiiing! I am totally looking forward to the story behind this wonderfully unique woman.

    p.s. I truly love the blog! I am a devout follower. Thank you so much for sharing!

  • this woman is amazing, what I can only hope to be at an advanced age! and that bed, beautiful!

  • Ari, yours is truly the most inspiring blog I have ever read, on any subject. I think about these wonderful people you photograph for weeks and weeks after your posts, as I will with Debra. I so look forward to reading her story. A thousand thanks for your work.

  • Me encanta ésta historia,que se deja entrever desde las fotografias de su apartamento,y por supuesto este blog.

  • wonderful !!! i'm so inspired by this woman. thank you, thank you, thank you for posting this….

  • wow, nice lady!!!

  • cat

    cool!!! and i am looking forward to the story behind! xx cat
    CiTiEs of B

  • love LOVE that fur collar

  • Anonymous

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