An Inspiring Day With Debra pt.1

Inspiring words written on the wall of Debra’s apartment

A few weeks back I met a wonderful lady named Debra at The New Museum. We set up a date to meet at her house for a chat and to take some photos.I will do a more complete post about my amazing day at her wonderful apartment over the weekend, but for now enjoy a quick preview!

  • When you met her, did you have any notion that her apartment would be such a treasure trove of "advanced" coolness? Can't wait for part two…and thanks for giving this stylish lady some rec(ognition)!
    Her look rox!

  • wonderful! this is the most beautiful blog ive found today! great!

  • i'm enamored with her hair and that cool, funky apartment- wow.
    i look forward to the post…will definitely look for it soon!

  • Great home!


  • Anonymous

    Hi Ari!

    I've never gravitated to pink, but she might change my mind! I love how her appearance and home express a stylish, artistic, and cohesive vision that is uniquely "her".

    Thank you for this vicarious encounter!

    Best, J.

  • cat

    thrashy-style this woman …love it & looking forward to see the whole post! xx cat

  • Jk

    You Rock love love that pink dresser. Matches your hair. I wish I had that color.

  • I wish I knew Debra! I like her style, both personal and interior.

  • I can't wait to see the rest of your meeting !
    Love her place: very inspiring !

  • Great post! love it!

  • What a stylish lady !

  • barbara

    Love her sense for a colourful home.
    An extraordinary, bit french style of living.