Keeping An Eye On Spring Street

It seems that every neighborhood has that one lady(or group of) who keeps a watchful eye over the block. She can be spotted chatting around the front door of an apartment building, all the while not missing a thing that is happening in the surrounding area. She is the go to person for any neighborhood gossip and once you earn her trust she will always provide you with a warm smile and hello.

Every time I pass these two ladies in their awesome sweaters, I get a sense that they are looking after their community. Like stylish watchmen,their uniforms various combinations of colorful sweaters and dark slacks they exchange laughs while peering around to view the local happenings . I must also admit that I totally dig over sized vintage patterned sweaters. I love to search through the ladies department at thrift stores looking for sweaters. They always have the best designs and colors.

My particular neighborhood watch keeper always wears her hair wrapped up in a simple and elegant scarf, with a long pleated skirt and short sleeved shirt. She is stylish because her style is unique and personal and you can tell that she has been consistently wearing various takes on this “uniform” for many years. This outfit has come to express her strength and character, her consistency and reliability. I have asked her a few times for a photo, but she just laughs and waves me away. She is outside every morning with a days greeting and I always feel a little more comfortable knowing she’s around when I come home late at night.

Do you guys have ladies like this in your own neighborhoods? I’d love to hear your responses and if you have photos even better!
  • Thank you for the charming story.

  • barbara

    the posture of the ladies remind a bit on the Blues Brothers.
    Sorry, but I live without such nice compania.

  • Awe! So cute! What a presence!

  • These "young" ladies run that little wooden bench on Spring Street.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, I live near to an old lady who is very active and energetic, and of course she knows all that happens in the neighborhood. Sometimes this pisses me off a bit, but sh's a guaranty, and I like seeing her when I leave home and when I come back home, as you said. It's like having a grandma who cares for you. Every afternoon the ladies of the neighborhood gather around her garden and spend time chatting and updating one to another all the news. Btw I do not consider them really "stylish" in clothes…But probably they're folkloristic!

  • Anonymous

    I can't say we have "caretakers" in the sense you're talking about here in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, but there is one lady who I see out walking quite often whose style is eccentric and very distinctive. She wears her (still blonde) hair in two "Heidi" style pigtails attached to the top of her head. She also wears thick tights, shoes with buckles, and usually a dress with a full skirt. I don't know her name, but I see her so often that we've taken to exchanging smiles. I also saw her once at a big, formal affair sponsored by the local university, the Viennese Ball (billed as "the biggest annual Viennese Ball outside of Vienna"). She had her same hairstyle and was proudly waltzing in a "princess" dress that looked straight out of a Disney movie. I've seen this woman for years, and at first I thought she was strange and amusing, but the older I get the more I appreciate distinctive, fearless, personal style. Thanks to the inspiration of her (and your website), I am finally becoming a bit more daring in my own style, and I now routinely get compliments for the way I dress. Thanks SO MUCH for this website, which lifts my spirits every time I view it.