The Art of Advanced Accessorizing

[Photos by Smilla]
I was so happy to see that Smilla had run into this wonderful woman again. She has such fantastic personal style and an amazing eye for accessorizing. The ladies and gentleman of the advanced style set seem to have the upper hand when it comes to accessories. Not only have they had the time to curate and collect wonderful objects, but they also seem to have a knack for mixing their favorite pieces from the past with contemporary treasures. Check out some of the accessories previously featured on Advanced Style.
  • So much style & so much inspiration. I guess after a long life, one amasses so many beautiful things, it's a pity to leave them all in boxes! Merry Christmas.

  • She is my hero. I love everything.

  • Rachel

    I sell costume jewelry and my heart fluttered when I saw that pillow! There are some very rare brooches adorning that pillow….*sigh