Advanced Style Tip: Add A Splash Of Color

One of Lubi’s tips on how to look ultra stylish is to add splashes of bright color against a backdrop of more solid and subdued tones. This contrast creates a surprising and fantastic effect. Whether it is her signature bright red lips or unexpected, yet brilliant yellow leather gloves, these colorful accents really define and enhance her personal style.

“Fashion encourages my young soul and triumph over my body’s age…I have realized that I will never be an old woman”.(Dr. Lubi Bogic)

What an inspiring woman!

  • So elegant!

  • Her style is so classic and casual — so comfortable and chic at the same time…something classy dame Audrey Hepburn would feel at home in any time.

  • Fantastic! I agree with Lubi, a splash of colour works wonders – especially in winter.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Ari!

    Can we PLEASE see more pics of her? I want to print out every one and keep them on my style-inspiration board!!!! Magnificent.

    Best, J.

  • dmk

    your style is amazing and original!!!
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  • Anonymous

    She looks stunning in every single photo.

  • such a good tip! loveee her style!

  • Anonymous

    much more about her please!!!!!
    I printed her quote and put on my board.;) Maria

  • Yes, please, more pictures of this stunning woman! They are all going into my "inspiration" file. Perfect, perfect style.

  • What a gorgeous woman…such an amazing spirit!

  • Anonymous

    elegance with a touch of nonchalance… Genius

  • Anonymous

    Absolutely Fabulous!!!! Love the splash of color! What an inspiring roll model!

  • I love this blog so much that I'm starting a blog about fashion and bigfooting. Check it out. I hope Ari doesn't mind my telling you this.