Advanced Style Video

Debra is one of the most inspiring ladies I have ever met. I took my mom, also in her 60s, to meet her over the Holiday weekend. Debra’s positive attitude and carefree spirit are so refreshing. This is the first of what I hope will be a series of video clips on Advanced Style and a way to get to know these wonderful people a bit better.

  • oh my! i'm a fan! she rocks!

  • twh

    aaaww, love her!!!1111
    it is one of my favourite blogs (top 2 to be specific:)
    we don't do much 'advanced style', cause people in Poland aren't too open, though…

  • evalyn

    Bravo! More clips please.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Ari!

    The video clip idea really works! I was delighted by the peek at Debra's energy and humour, thus enhancing her visual presence. Looking forward to more!

    Best, J.

  • Great! I am so excited to get a glimpse into the wisdom of the wizened! It's the cherry on the sundae, because frankly, so often these photos leave me wanting more info about the amazing people you photograph! Thank you Ari!

  • In the immortal words of the Andrea True Connection- 'More, More, More'!
    So inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

  • Teary-eyed joy watching these videos. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Ari. As if this blog weren't already wonderful enough…

  • Please tell her how much we love her! xxoo Patty

  • Inspiring to see this beautiful,creative, fearlessly fashionable woman "just be me," as she says.

    And the tulle skirt-as-cape looks incredible on her with her pink-tinged hair.

  • i love her!