Carole’s World

Carole immerses herself in a world full of color and texture. She has turned her east village apartment into a Venetian palace where her art comes alive in little frames and magical tapestries .
  • Oh the texture is heavenly. Slowly I'm building on my personal aesthetic so I can be fierce too!

  • Suella

    Lovely! The style of both Carol and her apartment are intriguing.

    I share her taste in antique frames and contents. I'd love to see more and learn about Carol's art please.

  • carol and her house are amazing! so vibrant and nostalgic!

  • I love her shoes !

  • Exotic and downright earthy at the same time. Only time, experience and good taste can combine to produce this, methinks.

  • These photos are truly wonderful (in an artistic sense) and the subject matter is so whimsically elegant. Love it!

  • Anonymous

    Hey Ari,

    What happened to the scarves that were on here before, and how do I get one?

    I love dark scarves!

  • I love her art work. Does she sell any of it and if so where?? Thanks

  • ari

    She sure does and sells her beautiful cashmere scarves as well. Email me at
    and Ill get you in touch with her!

  • amazing house pure art full of life , and senses…inspired me so much!!!!lovely……

  • I met her today with my cousin Marianna Maxwell (51 and Fabulous too!) who is visiting from San Francisco. We will see you soon, Ari – later in the week at the museum we hope. Carol's World looks like a dream. I want to go and sit and stare and stare and stare… – Cami

  • Your blog is very nice and great looking and your post are very attractive and stylish. And the post about carol home is very beautiful. Carol made her home with lots of efforts and the use of frames make her home extra stylish. I really like the way she decorate her home.
    Talha Aslam